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The omania.com Intellectual Property Policy Statement
1. The omania.com Intellectual Property Policy Statement for the legal and authorized use of the omania.com website by the users/visitors.
2. Please read and accept the omania.com Intellectual Property Policy Statement before using the omania.com website.
3. All Intellectual Properties and Rights including all Trademarks, Service Marks, Patents, other legally registered marks, Copyrights, Brand names, logos, emblems, images, banners, advertisements, links, contents, all other rights, etc. are the exclusive and absolute properties and rights of their respective owners and beneficiaries under the laws (National & International). The omania.com domain name and website,  its owners, its associates, its employees, its advertisers, its publishers, and its affiliates are neither responsible nor liable for the inaccuracy or incorrectness if any in the information or links or content displayed on this website.
4. The visitors/users of this website shell not commit, either directly or indirectly, any infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights including the Copyright and all other rights guaranteed to the Owners/beneficiaries of these rights made available under the various National and International loss, Rules and Regulations including Governmental Acts, directions, orders, restrictions and prohibitions.
5. Any party either a person or an entity finds that there is an infringement of Intellectual Property Rights may report to the Owners of the omania.com domain name and website to take up immediate and necessary action against the visitors/users, the advertisers, publishers, affiliates, etc. wherever and whichever is practically and legally possible under the Laws and available information/evidences.
6. We reserve all the rights to change, alter, modify or replace the aforesaid Intellectual Property Policy Statement/Agreement at any time without notice, and it shell be binding on the visitors to or users of the omania.com website and its connected websites and its networks of websites. The changes, if any, to these agreements will appear on their respective pages including the update date.
7. Any dispute, claim and all other legal matters against this omania.com website, the omania.com Domain name, the owners of the omania.com Domain name and website, the Employees, Agents, Advertisers, Publishers, Associates and Affiliates of the omania.com website are subject to the legal Jurisdiction of Courts in Mumbai, India.
8. If you have any question about our Intellectual Property Policy Statement/Agreement please contact us.
9. Thank You.
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